About Us

About Us

CraftnFashion.com is a marketplace to "Discover Unique & Traditional Indian Products" including Indian Imitation Jewellery, Indian Handmade Handicraft Products, Vintage, Ethnic, Organic and Natural products from Various Parts of India.

Craft & Fashion is one Spot Solution to Get Fragrance of Whole Indian Traditional Culture, Present Indian Fashion Which Defines the Present Indian Woman & her Aesthetics.

The culture of India refers to the way of life of the people of India. India's languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food, and customs differ from place to place within the country. CratnFashio.com is an attempt to Create a Platform to Invite all different Indian Culture & Traditionl to Expose them in sigth of All over the world . CraftnFashion.com is that sincere attempt by bunch of young insane guys and gals who think this is possible now with the Internet.

CraftnFashion.com is an attempt to create a marketplace model to capture the regional variations of India. Our Motive is to connect various local artisans & designers directly to global Platform of customers and thereby increase their livelihood, remove middleperson Interference & help them create/promote their brand/ Products and thereby preserve our culture, traditions and values. Our Belief is Reverse Marketing in which it will not only help artisans/ Art of India but also help customers discover and buy products which they otherwise are not able to explore today.

100% Customer Satisfaction is our motto. For more information or any queries Please write to us directly on our Email id. Feel Free to ask us if you have any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions.

“Craft & Fashion”is funded by “Megh Craft & Jewelry “ who are One of the Leading Wholesale, Exporter & Manufacturer of Indian Imitation Jewelry , Handicraft products and Fashion clothing.

Yours Faithfully,

Craft & Fashion Team

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