Bohemian Gypsy Traditional Afghani Jewelry

Bohemian Gypsy Traditional Afghani Jewelry


Beautiful Original Vintage Afghani German Silver Based Necklace 

  • These elements characterize Afghani Traditional Vintage style, and are to be expected in vintage textiles from this area.
  • Likewise, missing mirrors , Charms or unsymmetrical design should not considered defect. It might have Rustic Old Look, scratches , Vintage Used item Look on the same which is not considered as a Damage and will not entitled for Under any Replacement / Refund / Exchange Policy. 
  • It will come without Earrings. Vintage Handmade Glass Beaded Cowries necklace which is used to wear in parties,marriage,special occasions and in belly dancing.

IMP NOTE: The colour of Picture shown above may slightly vary due to flash light, Screen and camera-resolution.

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