Que.1) What is a Kantha  Work and Throw?

Ans.1) A Kantha Quilt/ Throw is a hand-made 100% cotton quilt made from the Indian Sari Dress. Kantha is a type of Hand embroidery work in typical Indian States.

Kantha stitching is also used to make simple quilts, commonly known as Nakshi Kantha. Women in lndia typically use old saris and cloth and layer them with kantha stitching to make a light blanket, throw, or bedspread

Que 2) How Can i know that what i order will be same as what I expect ?? 

Ans.2) this is totally Handmade collection so Never comes in specific or Identical color combination. As its made from Colorful Indian Sarees it will always made in Assorted manners and one of the Unique and colorful collection. 

All different Colors, patterns, patches & stitching vary as each is a unique one-of-a-kind handmade item of cultural Indian Village Traditional art.

Que 3) Every Category is Multi color combination ,  what is the Meaning of that?

Ans.3) All Kantha Quilt / throws madeof  multiple colors thread and Patches into their design. Indian Culture is itself a colorful culture and this is Proved  in these authentic Kantha Throws &Stoles collection.  Multiple Colorful Saris Patches  are stitched together to make a single Kantha Quilt / Throw. Though we organize the throws based on the 5 color categories, other colors may be present, either in pattern, stitching or actual fabric color.

Que 4) My Kantha Quilt / Throw looks old and faded. is it a Faulty Pieces or its Normal ??? 

6.A) All our Kantha QUlits / Throws Pieces are authentic vintage hand-made products of India. As its is made of Old Vintage Sarees , it is also one of the desirable qualities of this product brought about by years of use and washing of the Sari Hence there will be a Vintage and Faded look which is itself known as Vintage Identity of Old Indian Culture and Art. 

Que 5) My Kantha Throw looks used and/or dirty.

Ans 5) All our Kantha Throws/ Stoles/ Scarves are vintage Indian handmade products. They are made from reprocessed 100% cotton Sari (its a 6 Meter long piece which is Wear by Indian Women). As such they are, in retrospect, used. However each Sari has been washed and has not been used in its Kantha Throw form.

Que 6) I ordered multiple Kantha Throws but they are not the same size.

Ans 6) As this all are Unique handmade pieces there will be slight imperfection in Sizes  but we do our best to ensure a standard is maintained, however given the nature of the product we cannot guarantee that all Kantha Throws/ Stoles/ Scarves will be one size; this is in no small part due to the sizes of the reprocessed Sari.

Ans 7) Are there any Community / Major Group benefits to Kantha Throws?

Ans.7) Yes! All our Kantha Throws are 100% Handmade In India, where the their sale benefits the women artists who make them in one of the most Scarce and Rural areas in the world: Furthermore, because they are 100% reclaimed/recycled cotton from the Sari dresses, they benefit the environment too!

Que 8: We wanted to do wholesale , How you can help us ??

Ans. 8) We will be glad to provide you our Best kantha Collection in Wholesale as it will be indirectly Beneficial to the Artisans who living in Rural Indian part which will give them good Earnings as well as its an Environmental Friendly products well. 

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